Buffalo automatic edge polishing machine

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has been specially designed to be used for fine automatic polishing the edges of tombstones

Three edges can be polished automatically. In the magazine is room for eight heads.

If necessary, more than one stone holders can be used.

Solid, vibration free construction ensures high quality polishing results. The special constructional demands characteristic for stone machinery, have been carefully taken into consideration already at the planning stage. Especially guides, bearings, guards and corrosion protection have been precedence. All the mechanical solutions are stated good at practice.

The controls, functions and operating itself has been developed together with the professional workers in the stone industry. This means that interface etc. are very easy to use and the user's point of view has been expressed in that all the way!

The graphic display on the control panel shows very clear and illustrative. Therefore the information is extremely easy to set and read. The important parameters will not be forgotten by the operator.


Automatic edge polishing machine

Technical data:

Spindle speed 450 r/min
Polishing head Comes TL104 diam 320 mm
No of abrasives 4 kpl

Abrasive diam. 100 mm
Spindle power 5.5 kW
Adjustable pressure(down) 0...6 bar 
Adjustable pressure(top) 0...6 bar
Spindle stroke(pneumatic) 100 mm

Vertical movement 1460 mm

Vertical movement guides linear ball rail
Carriage movement as standard 5100 mm
Carriage speed 1...9 m/min
Carriage movement guides linear ball rail
Carriage movement tooth bar
Oscillation 0 ... 150 mm, electric
Grinding length as standard 2000 mm

Head turning ± 90 deg.
Total weight n. 5000 kg
Power requirement 10 kW
Water consumption 20 ltr/min
Air pressure 6 bar

Space requirements:
width 6200 mm
length 3000 mm
height 3050 mm