Services we offer

After sales services

In the stone processing factories are the working conditions for the machinery very hard: water, moisture, sludge, etc. causes enormously challenging requirements for maintenance. Even all machine manufacturer tries to take these tasks into consideration, the most important thing is right maintenance for having good and a long term operation for the machinery.

Kasins Oy service concept includes maintenance work as well as the spare part deliveries.


Machine installations

Machine installations are one of our main services. In addition that we naturally make all istallation work of Kasins machinery, we are able to make installations of other machinery as well. We do all kind of installations; primary installations or re-installations of the machinery / production lines.


Renovations of the machinery

We are able to make all kind of machine renovations.
Very often todays technology is applicable for older machinery as well.

Our skillfull personnel carries out the renovations with high professional ability.


Training programs

An effective use of the production machine requires a lot of knowledge from the staff. This is very important and has a big influence for the productivity.

Our trained personnel is at your service whenever we are speaking about training your staff.


Planning of material handling

Innovation and a long experience of our personnel enables us to offer numerous possibilities for designing the process and its capacity to match the customes individual needs.