Kasins Oy

Our machine manufacturing is based on more than 20 years experience, and last 15 years we have concentrate us for stone processing machinery.
Becides our own high quality activities, we have the most skillfull partners whose high professional ability we do appreciate a lot.

Kasins Oy delivers stone processing machinery, which enables our customers to reach their own targets; efficiency in production and more productivity to their company operation.

Kasins Oy customers

Our customers are all those who are using natural stone as their raw material; granite, marble, soapstone as well as concrete producers.

Kasins Oy main market area is Northern Europe; Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Russia.
We make deliveries together with our selected partners also to rest of the Europe.

Kasins Oy activities

  • Sales and marketing of stone processing machinery
  • Design, product development and manufacturing
  • Importing of stone processing machinery as well as supporting equipment
  • Maintenance and spare part service
  • Renovations
  • Training