MA 3000 Block saw

MA is a stationary primary saw, where the saw makes the sawing movement and down feed. The block moves sideways on the cart for required thickness of cut. The saw cuts automatically one fully loaded block cart at a time.

MA Block Saw has a sturdy and stable 2-column portal structure. Vibration free structure, accurate linear sawing movement guides and built in automation ensure excellent sawing results.The better surface you will have after the first cut, the cheaper costs you will have in finishing.

The saws modular construction allows customizing of the main motor peripheral speed to suit any stone cutting requirements. The length of transfer tracks is freely
customers choice.You will have an optimal saw for your individual needs and the space available.

Unmanned operation
The saw is equipped with automatic supervision devices for safe and unmanned operation; (water watch, blade rotation watch, overload watch for main motor). You can thus leave the saw to operate e.g. all weekend unmanned. The safety devices also protect the saw and the blade from costly damages.

Central lubrication as standard
The saw has a central lubrication as standard equipment. Investment value will stay high for many productive years.

In short
MA Block Saw is a reliable and economical saw, both in investment and operation costs.  Its accuracy and excellent sawing results produce quality slabs with minimal finishing costs.

The key words with MA are:
* economy
* excellent sawing results
* long service life.

Technical data:
Blade diameter 2.500-3.000 mm
Spindle speed appr. 170 r/min
Blade flange diameter 400 mm
Blade bore 150 mm
Vertical feed 1500 mm
Sawing length 3500 mm
Sawing speed 0,5-5 m/min
Power of the main motor 55-70 kW
Power requirement 63-82 kW
Water supply, min 0.2 MPa 100-150 l/min
Block cart 2500x3000 mm
Rail width 2.000 mm
Rail length 6.000 mm
Machine colour: Blue (RAL 5012) (Black / galvanized)
Operating voltage: 5 wire (3P+N+G), 400/230 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz + 1% IP 54
Ambient temperature: Between +5° - +35°C
Operating side: Right or Left
Supply connections: Right or left side at the back

Main dimensions / Spacerequirements:
Length 9000 mm
Width (block cart) 2500 mm
Height 5000 mm
Weight 19 mm