Lion 1900 Compact polishing machine

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Lion 1900 grinding machine is optimal surface grinding machine for various shape tombstones and thin plates.

The massive steel construction guarantees a non-vibrating, high quality grinding result.

The special constructional demands characteristic for stone machinery, have been carefully taken into consideration already at the planning stage.

Especially guides, bearings, guards and corrosion protection have been precedence. All the mechanical solutions are stated good at practice.

The controls, functions and operating itself has been developed together with the professional workers in the stone industry. This means that interface etc. are very easy to use and the user's point of view has been expressed in that all the way!

The graphic display on the control panel shows very clear and illustrative. Therefore the information is extremely easy to set and read. The important parameters will not be forgotten by the operator.

All settings the stone positions and dimensions (even up to 10 different workpieces as standard) is easily and quickly done by teach-in.

For rectangular workpieces only two crosswise points are needed!

The shape of the stone is followed with the joystick, and the reference point is pointed by water stream. These teach-in points are given by pushing the teach- in button.

The remote acces is also as standard. The user can call Kasins CustomerSupport, which thereafter takes direct contact through the ethernet with the Lion 1900 control unit and communicates directly with it. (customer must have an ethernet connection to the machine)
The Lion 1900 sets new standards for grinding machinery:
Compact size but large grinding area.
No foundations.
Quick to install.
Reliable control and clear display; easy to use.
Flexibility in production and multiple functions
Strongly build construction.
Reliability and high quality grinding results with good capacity.
Beneficial, moderate level investment also at long sight.
Customer support easily accessed by the ethernet.

Technical data:
Spindle speed 450 r/min
Polishing head diameter 410 mm
No of abrasives 5pcs
Spindle power 7.5kW
Adjustable pressure(down) 0...6 bar
Adjustable pressure(top) 0...6 bar
Spindle stroke 160 mm
Spindle movementair pressure (up and down)
Vertical movement 300 mm
Vertical movementtrapetze shaft
Total vertical movement 460 mm
Vertical guides round shaft + glide bearings
Bridge travel speed 1...9 m/min
Bridge movement guides linear ball rail
Bridge movement tooth bars on both sides
Support movement guides linear ball rail
Support movement tooth bar
Carriage travel speed 1...9 m/min
Grinding width 1900 mm
Grinding length 3500 mm

Power requirement 10 kW
Water supply 20 ltr/min
Air pressure 6 bar
Total weight ca. 5500 kg

Space requirements:
width 5600 mm
length 3300 mm
height 3000 mm