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SNAKE 350 is a small category manually operated wiresaw that can be versatily used for various tasks.

It is extremly effective machine for profiling tombstones, table tops, ect.. Sawing can be done by using the template as a model or alternatively by free hand. The saw is easy to control and it has very accurate sawing results. Robust and reliable construction guarantees precise and sensitive movements. The workpiece is easy to set on the worktable, which is equipped with stone/template holders. For processing larger workpieces or wide openings, the standard worktable can easily be replaced by the E –shape or C –shape worktable.

* E –shape worktable for sawing openings
- e.g. tombstones, etc.
- Table size 1200 x 600 mm
* C –shape worktable for sawing large openings
- e.g. table top openings, etc.
- Table size 1370 x 760 mm
* Tilting equipment by manually operated hydraulic pump.
- Tilting angle 0 – 30 degrees.
* Frequency converter for wire speed.
- Speed adjustment 15 – 30 m/s.
* Hydraulic crimping tool for wire connections.
* Foundation plate; size 1500 x 1500 x 40 mm.
* Extra template holders.

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Technical data:

Main dimensions:
Space requirements, max. Ø 5000 mm
Working area, max. Ø 2300 mm
Height of the machine 1850 mm
Weight 800 kg

Cutting width, horizontal, max. 650 mm
Cutting depth, max. 350 mm
Cutting speed 26 m/s
Length of the wire 3700 mm
Wire diameter9 mm
Wheel diameter350 mm
Support wheels 2 + 2 pcs
WorktableØ 400 mm
Template holders2 pcs
Main motor, power2,2 kW
Power requirement 3 kW / 16A
Power supplyAC 400V / 50Hz
Water requirement, min. 0,15 Mpa 5-20 l/min

Pneumatic tightening of the wire, equipped
with pressure gauge.
Adjustable water nozzles.
Covers is made of stainless steel.
Machine colour; RAL 5012.