CBS Bridge Saw

The CBS is a small category saw that can be versatily used for various tasks. It is ideal in cutting tombstones, building and interior stones like stairs, table tops and window sills, and with the expanded automation (optional) a high capacity squaring saw for tile production.

CBS: versatile and flexible in use
* designed to meet the demands of various stone fabricators.
* suitable for all kind of stones.
* single pass or step cutting, also in tilted position.
* blade size up to 650 mm, different rotation speeds for different blade sizes and materials.
* different levels of sawing automation:
- automatic transfer to the next dimension
- programming for different widths
- programming including table turning
- sawing area designed for gang saw slabs
- smaller sawing areas for small workshops
- tilting blade (0 - 90°)as an option and/or tilting support(0 - 45°)as an option.

Accurate sawing
* robust, sturdy and vibration free design.
* precision linear guides for sawing movements.
* blade exactly under the sawing guide.
* blade support with sliding guides; due to the special design, the accuracy remains the same during the whole movement.
* swiveling point of the support located very low resulting to accuracy also in tilted position.
* clear scales for support and blade tilting angles.

Easy and ergonomic operation
* free walking height under bridge (1,9 m)
* control panel easy and logical to operate
* clear displays, unnecessary information not shown on the display.

Efficiency and productivity
* simple and easy sawing operations
* fast reverse movements
* sawing of full table with one programming
* secondary operations automated: the operator is free to concentrate on the main tasks.
* minimal need for factory space
* easy and fast to install, ready for productive operation in a couple of days.

* reliable operation, incomplicated components
* low need for maintenance
* greasing points minimized and easy to access
* automatic central lubrication as an option
* long life guides and rails
* rails and main guides covered against dust and impurities.


Technical data:
Main dimensions
- bridge length 5.000 mm
- rail length 4.500 mm
- height 2.500 mm
- weight 2,4 t

Blade diameter 400 - 650 mm
Flange diameter 206 or 246 mm
Max. cutting depth 202 or 222 mm
Main motor 11 or 15 kW
Blade rotation speed 950 or 1440 l/min
Vertical feed:
- blade in vertical position 350 mm
- blade in tilted position
30 degr. 225 mm
45 degr. 250 mm
Speed of vertical feed 0.2/1.0 m/min
Cutting length 3.500 mm
Optional cutting lengths: 2.500 mm, 3.700 mm, 4.000 mm
Cutting speed 0.6-8 m/min
Speed of bridge movement 0.6-5 m/min
Blade tilting 0-90 degr.
Support tilting 0-45 degr.
Power requirement; main motor+2 kW
Water requirement; 25-35 l/min

Main dimensions of the turntable(MTT2)
- length 3.000 mm
- width 1.700 mm
- height 700 - 800 mm
- weight ca. 1.5 t
Capacity 3,0 t

Machine colour: Blue (RAL 5012)
Operating voltage: 3PE AC, 400 V +/- 10%,
50 Hz + 1%
IP 54
Ambient temperature between +5° - +35°C
Operating side: Right
Supply connections: Right side at the back

A lot of operational options available!