Fox 800-1000 Kantsåg med MTT svängbord

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Fox 800-1000; Versatile and flexible in use
· Designed to meet the demands of various stone fabricators.
· Suitable for all kind of stones.
· Single pass or step cutting, also in tilted position.
· Blade size up to 1000 mm, different rotation speeds for different blade sizes and materials.
· Different levels of sawing automation:
o Automatic transfer to the next dimension
o Programming for different widths
o Programming including table turning as an option
o Sawing area designed for gang saw slabs
o Smaller sawing areas for small workshops
o Tilting support (0-45°, as an option)

Accurate sawing
· Robust, sturdy and vibration free design
· Precision linear guides for sawing movements
· Blade support with linear guides; due to the special design, the accuracy remains the same during the whole movement
· Swiveling point of the support located very low resulting to accuracy also in tilted position
· Support angles in operating panel

Easy and ergonomic operation
· Control panel easy and logical to operate
· Clear displays, unnecessary information not shown on the display

Efficiency and productivity
· Simple and easy sawing operations
· Fast reverse movements
· Sawing of full table with one programming
· Secondary operations automated => the operator is free to concentrate on the main tasks
· Low need for factory space
· Easy and fast to install, ready for productive operation in a couple of days

· Reliable operation, incomplicated components
· Low need for maintenance
· Greasing points minimized and easy to access
· Automatic central lubrication as an option
· Long life guides and rails
· Rails and main guides covered against dust and impurities


Technical data:
· Cutting length with 800 mm blade ca.3.300 mm
· Bridge movement 3.500 mm
· Vertical feed 500 mm
· Motorized support tilting 0 - 45°
· Blade diameter 800 - 1000 mm
· Main motor power 15 or 18,5 kW
· Max. cutting depth with 800 mm blade: 310 mm
· Max. cutting depth with 1000 mm blade:395 mm
· Digital display for bridge movement, blade thickness considered
· Main controls on a pendulum panel
· Blade movements slow and fast
· Single pass cutting automation
· Step cutting automation
· Separating cut automation, slow up cut
· Height adjustment of vertical blade movement
· Laser directional beam
· Sequence cutting stage no: 2.
- 20 widths x 99 repetitions, blade thickness considered
- Incl. motorized bridge movement
- Incl. automatic supervision (automatic water valve + water watch + blade motor watch + ampere meter)
- 4-line digital display with keyboard

Main dimensions:
Bridge length 5400 mm
Rail length 5100 mm
Height 3000 mm
Weight 3,5 t

KTT Turntable:
· Table size 3.000x1.700 mm
· Even steel surface covered by plywood
· Manual turning operation
· Large diameter ball bearing
· Pneumatic locking