Shark Kantsåg

Shark 1200-1600 Bridge Saw

Shark Bridge Saw is suitable for sizing and trimming of building slab edges as well as monuments. The most useful features of MRS are:

Shark is available in two blade size versions:
1.000 -1.200 and 1200 - 1600 mm. This enables you to use the saw for different purposes. Optional frequency converter makes it really simple to adjust the blade speed.

Standard saw can be equipped with several options, according to the customers needs:

* you can have the saw with a tilting sawing head, which still widens the saws field of application. Note that the saw can be used in step cut mode while in tilted position. This enables also thick pieces to be cut accurately and economically.
* You can choose between manual or automatic operation, and in the last case between different automation levels.
* You can have a laser beam to show the accurate starting point.
* The saw can be equipped with a turning sawing head or a turntable and thus eliminate unnecessary loading and moving of stone during cutting.
* The saw can be used as a milling machine with different grinding tools.

The accuracy of the saw is unparalled - thanks to the demanding standards of workmanship and components. So the need for calibration after Shark is minimal and polishing is fast and economical.
Accuracy can be maintained with high standard components in bridge and support moving. All linear and roller bearings are protected well and central lubrication keeps maintenance at minimal level.

The above features of the saw mean the following important advantages to the customers:
* Wide field of application with small investment
* Economical sawing
* Minimal finishing costs.

The saw can be programmed to cut automatically 20 different widths + 99 repetitions for each widths.

The vertical feed of the blade is set simply by programming the height of the stone.

The cutting length is set by programming the length of the stone. The cutting length can be adjusted also while the saw is sawing without stopping it.

The cutting programmes includes:
 - automatic step cutting
 - automatic single pass cutting
 - automatic marble fast cutting
 - automatic cutting through sequence for step cutting (last cut with up-cut with adjustable lower speed)

Automatic supervision for unmanned operation:
 - water watch + automatic water valve, blade rotation watch and over load watch, sawing movement speed meter.

Lubricating with automatic central lubrication unit.

Technical Data:

Main dimensions of the saw:

  Shark 1200 Shark 1600
length (mm) 5 900 5 900
width (mm) 6 000 6 000
height (mm) 4 000 4 300
weigh (kg) 3 900 4 300
Blade diameter (mm) 1000-1200 1200-1600
Blade flange diameter(mm) 250 300
Sawing length (mm) 3 200 3 200
Transfer movement length(mm) 4500 4500
Vertical feed length (mm) 600 1000
Main motor (kW) 22(30) 22(30)