Monkey compact edge polishing machine

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Monkey has been specially designed to be used for fine polishing of tombstones. Monkey is used for polishing both straight and curved edges. The main tool used in the Monkey is a small plate which has 3 separate polishing segments. When different types of polishing levels are required it is very easy to chance the plate. Polishing speeds can be altered both across and also in depth polish operations. The polishing lenght of the polished stone and depth can be easily altered. The polishing frequency, time + any delays can be selected automatically from the display panel. Monkey has been designed as a compact easy to install machine as no foundations are required.

Technical info:

Polishing head Ø 130 mm
Maximum size of polished stone 1500 mm
Maximum height of the polished stone 200 mm
Machine lenght 2500 mm
Machine width 2100 mm
Machine height 2000 mm
Main motor 3 kW
Polishing motor speed (adjustable) 400 … 1500 rpm
Horizontal operation electrical adjustable
Oscillating movement pneumatic adjustable
Type of polishing segment N60

Electrics: 3PE AC, 400V ±10%, 50Hz +1% IP54, operating temperature +5º - +35ºC
Colour: Grey (RAL 7035) / Black / Stainless steel